About us

Vusam was founded in the Netherlands (on August 2016) by Daan van Gorkum and Robin Losse from the idea that webhosting could be improved and simplified for the end-user.

Many hosting providers focus on using one server for their shared webhosting platform, instead we focus on using a redundant setup for our shared webhosting platform. In case any server fails, another server will take over and your website remains accessible.

Back in 2013 we started developing the hosting platform with four key elements in mind; secure, high availability, fast and easy. After 3 years of hard work and testing we’ve completed the beta phase and released version 1 on January 31 2016.


Our mission is to keep our platform up to date with the latest technologies. This means our users can make use of the newest PHP-versions, free SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt and easy control over your webhosting package.


We love user feedback, the base of our platform was designed on feedback provided by our early adopters, this way we create a unique system that fits the needs of every user. In case you’re missing anything please let us know via the contact form!