General terms and conditions


Vusam offers webhosting, mail hosting, domain registration, DNS and other internet related services.


To manage our service your need to have an account on our website. You can create an account on our website or through Facebook. The owner of that account is responsible for anything that happens through that account until you tell us that your account has been compromised.


It's not allowed to use our service to store, send or display content that's in violation of the law. It's not allowed to harm our service or any other service in any way. In case of abuse we'll contact the owner of the account and suspend the service to prevent damage. We won't share any data with third-parties except if required by law.


We provide support through email and chat on the website. We'll do our best to reply to you as fast as possible.


We expect that the owner of the account makes his decisions based on common sense and basic etiquettes. Vusam is not liable for problems with the service or third-party claims against the owner of the account, except if caused by Vusam intentional misconduct or gross negligence.


The service runs from the Netherlands and is subject to Dutch law.

On all agreements the above conditions shall apply, unless otherwise agreed.

Extended terms and conditions

Our extended terms and conditions are only available in Dutch. Please contact us in case you have any questions.